Accurate IT recruiting

Senior developers with at least 80% match
with your Job Design

Get the best offer

Team extension

IT consultants are added to the customer’s existing teams

Dedicated project team

A project team is ramped-up specifically for a short to mid term project

Delivery center

TechTalent supports the set-up of new delivery centers in any city from Romania or Moldova


Exclusive clients

Our clients chose to stay with us for long term


New developer/client

We tend to grow our clients team with at least 1 developer/month



At least 6940 hours delivered/month



At least 17.200 developers with reputation ready to join your team

We provide reports for each step

Step 1

Collecting info for JD

  • Position name
  • Project info
  • Tech requirements
  • Soft skills requirements
  • Onboarding deadline
  • Contract duration

Step 2

Potential candidates screening

  • Screening inside our talent network
  • Selecting candidates that fit requirements
  • Screening outside of our talent network
  • Providing report on screening results (number of potential candidates)

Step 3

Contacting potential candidates

  • Initializing dialogues with potential candidates (selected in step 1)
  • Receiving feedback from candidates regarding commercial offer and availability
  • Sending Information about project and all Job Details and the commercial offer
  • Providing report with the number of candidates with interest in landing the job

Step 4

Internal candidate validation

  • Quality assurance
  • Soft skills interview
  • Check Candidate skills by JD
  • Providing report: CV’s, rate/h

Step 5

Candidate validation with the client

  • Setting up soft and skills interviews with You
  • Select the best matching candidate
  • Signing contracts


After signing the contract, the candidate becomes a part of your team. OF4 will assist you and provide all support needed for contract and post-contract needs. We aim to provide you with the most comfortable and efficient experience with no paperwork.

Your role

Accessible team management. Just scale your distributed team

  • Project management
  • You decide which project and tasks to assign
  • You choose the working schedule
  • Scale your delivery power

Contract duration – It’s up to you when to end a contract, OF4 is only maintaining the contract

Our role

Free you from bureaucracy. Hire international top talent

  • Surveillance
  • Salary project
  • Legal advisory and support
  • HR accountancy
  • GDPR
  • Working hours

Preparing, renting and maintaining your branded workspace in any City/district you choose

Long-term career assistance – Decide along with us and the specialist his area of skills development in order to fit your company development strategy

Developers CV

Arkady Y.

DevOps Engineer
  • EXPERIENCE 10+ years
Terraform helm Terragrunt Bash Kubernetes Ansible Docker AWS Python Jenkins
Download CV

Catalin B.

Java Software Developer
  • Experience 9 years
  • Seniority level Senior
  • Availability Full Time
Java 8 Spring Framework Oracle Nodejs Redux React Native React JS Java EE MySQL SQL
Download CV

Robert D.

Angular Developer
  • Experience 7 years
  • Seniority level Senior
  • Availability Full Time
Hibernate ORM XML AngularJS Oracle JSF Git OOP RxJs ngRx JQuery C# JAVA JAVASCRIPT
Download CV

Cristian R.

Full Stack Developer
  • Experience 6 years
  • Seniority level Senior
  • Availability Full Time
Flask Bootstrap 4 Express PostgreSQL Material UI HTML Django CSS3 Redux Bootstrap Express.js REACT NODE js
Download CV

Pavel K.

Java Software Developer
  • Experience 10+ years
  • Seniority level Senior
  • Availability Full Time
DB2 Intellij IDEA Atlassian Jira JDBC Java SE Scrum Oracle PostgreSQL OOP Angular SQL JAVA JAVASCRIPT
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Why outsourcing at OF4?

  • Set yourself free from constant team monitoring, invest your time in scaling your business
  • 12 development teams working on projects remotely
  • Reduced bureaucracy
  • Minimum fees
  • Valuable work with reduced costs
  • Offshore outsourcing
  • Data protection and confidentiality
  • Real-time support for our clients