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OF4 is an exclusive b2b network ready to provide best IT solutions, next to the most talented: software developers, product managers and project managers. That way, our business culture & strategic approach to IT has attracted people and projects that can define characteristics of an enthusiast leader.

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We aim to offer IT companies the opportunity to build high quality teams, to develop large caliber projects.We use 3 types of flexible interaction models to support all of your short and long term goals: outsourcing, hiring and freelancing.

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In our virtual world we tend to redefine and optimize digital experience of a company that really wants to grow and act outside the box.

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Adrian G.

I’m a Senior Software Engineer with vast experience in front-end development and a good background in the back-end.

Jenkins Jest Git OOP Redux CSS Bootstrap Express.js ES6 React Native MySQL TYPESCRIPT REACT PHP
Constantin E.

I’m self-made front-end developer. Take an active part in Angular Telegram channel and Ultimate Angular & AngularBeers Slack teams. Also following RxJS Gitter room. I understand Promise, closure, IIFE, OOP concepts in JavaScript and make use of ES6 and TypeScript features like class, extends, getters/setters, arrow functions, let, const, spread operator, template literals etc.

TSLint npm Angular 8RxJS Jasmine Protractor Karma JIRA JSON ES6 TYPESCRIPT JAVASCRIPT
Sergey I.

I have the skills and qualities for making any task successful.I shall use my qualities like honesty, integrity, loyalty, and time management for accomplishing the task.It would aid me to get the instant recognition among my colleagues.I would prove myself the best candidate by integrating these things.By doing so I can win the trust of management.

Ovidiu N.

• Designed and developed more than 10 mobile apps live on Play Store
• Complete development of more than 8 websites
• Established a team of 3 people covering every key role in an early-stagе startup.
• Created an app which ranked in top 10 for 2 months

Android Studio Android Python HTML CSS C# MySQL JAVA JAVASCRIPT
Daniel B.

I am a hardworking, highly proficient IT professional and an Senior Mobile developer skilled with all the tools required for the art of creating marvelous Apps

FireBase C/C++/C# RxAndroid RxJava Flutter Vue JS Swift C# React Native MySQL Angular JAVA NODE js LARAVEL JAVASCRIPT
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