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Front-End Developer Grigory A.

Result-oriented developer with 12 years of experience and 4+ years on Angular projects.Worked as a part of international team

Front-End Developer Eduard I.

I work as a senior angular developer.
I specifically focus on the development of SPA. Also good know how to boost performance, make a monorep and created a lots ui-kit amchart D3 Karma Nodejs Jenkins Redux RxJs ngXs Angular TYPESCRIPT JAVASCRIPT
Front-End Developer Anton Y.

I’m a Front-end developer with extensive experience in building high-quality sites.My experience range from building responsive sites that work well cross-browser

UI Cypress Ionic AngularJS Nodejs Bootstrap JQuery MongoDB MySQL PHP JAVASCRIPT
Front-End Developer Boris E.

I have about 6 years of experience in software development.I’m a hard-working frontend developer, who creates web application of varying degrees of complexity

Material Design Twig Azure AWS Scrum Angular JS BitBucket RxJs Bootstrap JQuery TYPESCRIPT JAVASCRIPT
Front-End Developer Vasily F.

I’m a front-end developer with an emphasis on clean responsive design, who is passionate about JavaScript.

Agile Kanban Scrum Vue JS RxJs Bootstrap JQuery Angular TYPESCRIPT JAVASCRIPT
Front-End Developer Gavriil O.

4+ year of IT professional experience in web-development.Well versed in OOP practices and design patterns.Open-minded and keen to learn

Ionic NoSQL Oracle PostgreSQL Bootstrap JIRA JQuery MongoDB MySQL Angular TYPESCRIPT JAVASCRIPT
Front-End Developer Denis L.

Professional Front-end developer with over 3 years of experience in designing and developing web applications for business and e-commerce.

SASS JavaScript ( ES6+) ESLint Scss Babel Webpack Material UI Git Redux React JS NODE js
Front-End Developer Fyodor Y.

Client-focused front-end developer with over 4 years of experience.

SaaS Twig Smarty Material UI HTML Redux CSS Bootstrap React JS JAVASCRIPT
Front-End Developer Kirill B.

I’m a senior developer at Motorsport Network, and experienced in symfony 3.x – 4.4, ES5-ES6. Also I have daily voice meetings with US management team.

Elasticsearch Docker RabbitMQ Symfony SQL PHP JAVASCRIPT
Front-End Developer Oleg Z.

I have been doing Front-end development for more than three years, I have laid out more than 40 sites, created about 15 themes for Wordpress for individual projects.


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