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Java Software Developer Vadim F.

Result-driven Java Software Developer with experience in software design and problem-solving skills.

Hibernate Framework Gradle REST and SOAP Android SDK JUnit Cucumber AWS Java 8 Spring Framework Jenkins SQL
Java Software Developer Pavel K.

I am a self-motivating individual who thrives for learning exciting technologies and been fortunate enough to work with some of the great technologies in my short career so far. I am looking forward to a challenging role which is not just a ‘Project’ but a ‘Solution’. 

DB2 Intellij IDEA Atlassian Jira JDBC Java SE Scrum Oracle PostgreSQL OOP Angular SQL JAVA JAVASCRIPT
Java Software Developer Sergey I.

I have the skills and qualities for making any task successful.I shall use my qualities like honesty, integrity, loyalty, and time management for accomplishing the task.It would aid me to get the instant recognition among my colleagues.I would prove myself the best candidate by integrating these things.By doing so I can win the trust of management.

Java Software Developer Azamat T.

Skilled Java developer capable of designing and supporting reliable and efficient web applications based on user requirements; self-motivated life-long learner

HTML/CSS EJB Tomcat Maven Oracle JSF PostgreSQL Git JIRA JQuery Spring Boot SQL JAVA JAVASCRIPT
Java Software Developer Pavel O.

Back-end implementation of ETL system. Technologies: AWS EKS, Spring Boot 2, Java 11, Spring 5, Spring Data, Docker, Mongodb

Java SE SQL/ NoSQL Kafka Microservices TDD/BDD Build automation Agile IDE/VCS /Tools OOA/OOD AWS Spring
Java Software Developer Ciprian R.

Experienced LeadSoftware Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

T-SQL .Net Core ReactJS MSSQL Server Web API development Java Spring PL/SQL C# Spring Boot MongoDB Angular JAVA
Java Software Developer Catalin B.

Senior Java developer with 9+ years’ experience. Advanced in Java 8, Rest API, Spring Framework technologies, Apache Kafka and Unit testing.

Java 8 Spring Framework Oracle Nodejs Redux React Native React JS Java EE MySQL SQL
Java Software Developer Casian R.

I am a professional programmer with over a 4 year experience in Java.Started to learn Angular for personal purposes.

jSS7 Oracle SQL Spring Data Spring Integration Hibernate Python C# Spring Boot MySQL Angular JAVA PHP
Java Software Developer Artemy A.

Java developer, oriented to the Enterprise Java Solutions based preferably on OpenSource stack. Also have strong experience in the database development and maintenance. The working experience is concentrated around the web part of enterprise applications and the business logic.

J2SE EJB3 JSF Spring C/C++ PL/SQL VBA Hibernate MySQL PHP
Java Software Developer Arthur E.

• Fourteen years of professional programming experience with consistently increasing responsibilities in design and development of the commercial applications on different platforms and environments
• Program Implementation
• Experience in design, development and implementation of the enterprise level distributed desktop and service-based business application
• Three years of participating in system architecture development

Oracle PL/SQL Firebird SQL Java core Hibernate Spring core Spring Boot React JS JPA Angular TYPESCRIPT 1C JAVA JAVASCRIPT

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