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Angular Developer Andranik E.

Experience includes collaborating in team-driven environments to create high-performance websites that customers and business both love. Familiar with applicable design and user practices.Successful at creating and improving designs to meet company brand styles and business needs.Prepared to offer years of development experience to a growing company.Proficient Front End Developer effective at developing strong websites that achieve customer objectives.

Vuex Ionic 4 Cordova Mongo DB Angular 2+ Vue JS RxJs Express.js TYPESCRIPT NODE js JAVASCRIPT
Angular Developer Robert D.

I am a Frontend Developer, mainly Angular.

Hibernate ORM XML AngularJS Oracle JSF Git OOP RxJs ngRx JQuery C# JAVA JAVASCRIPT
Angular Developer Vladimir Z.

Have four years of IT experience in Software development in the web world.

Grunt AngularJS Webpack Scrum ReactJS Git ngRx Bootstrap JIRA JQuery JAVASCRIPT
Angular Developer Valentin U.

5+ years in frontend development and 4+ years on Angular projects. Worked as a part of international team.

Angular Developer Vlad A.

Angular Developer with 5 years of experience with proficient knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, Angular 7+.

MVC JES6/ES7 AWS Webpack Scrum RESTful API Redux RxJs ngRx MongoDB Angular SQL JAVASCRIPT
Angular Developer Dragos R.

Mainly working with:
• JavaScript / ES6 / TypeScript/HTML
• CSS / JS / SQL / MongoDB
• Browser (Local storage, Session storage)

Angular Developer Dorin L.

• Communication
• Responsibility
• Creativity
• Time Management
• Problem
• Solving
• Team Player
• Self Driven
• Adaptiveness
• Mentorship
• Leadership

RxJs ngRx ngXs HTML5 CSS Bootstrap Express.js Angular TYPESCRIPT REACT NODE js JAVASCRIPT
Angular Developer Dominic P.

Over 4 years expertise in the web development. I’ve got an excellent experience in component-based development using MEAN stack of technology.

Github Nodejs Git JIRA JQuery MongoDB Angular TYPESCRIPT
Angular Developer Cornel R.

• Experience in system analysis, design, workflow architecture, development, testing and maintenance of web based applications.
• Experience developing highly interactive web applications utilizing JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, JSON, Angular JS 1.2/1.5, and Bootstrap and integrating Restful API’s.
• In depth knowledge of web technologies and standards to deliver the best experiences across web and mobile devices including responsive Web UI.

Angular 2+ Algorithms MSSQL Python RxJs ngRx Express.js C# MongoDB React JS TYPESCRIPT NODE js JAVASCRIPT
Angular Developer Constantin E.

I’m self-made front-end developer. Take an active part in Angular Telegram channel and Ultimate Angular & AngularBeers Slack teams. Also following RxJS Gitter room. I understand Promise, closure, IIFE, OOP concepts in JavaScript and make use of ES6 and TypeScript features like class, extends, getters/setters, arrow functions, let, const, spread operator, template literals etc.

TSLint npm Angular 8RxJS Jasmine Protractor Karma JIRA JSON ES6 TYPESCRIPT JAVASCRIPT

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