The world is forced to keep pace with the rapid development, from year to year, the number of online shoppers increases.
A new trend was observed, namely the growth of e-commerce by about 20%. We propose a topic of discussion about e-commerce in 2 different countries such as Italy and Romania.

In 2019 in Italy the growth of the e-commerce trend was almost 17%.
According to statistics from the B2C Observatory in Milan, Italian ecommerce sites recorded sales to domestic consumers of 27.4 billion euros. Of these, 15.8 sell goods on the Internet, the others – services.
In the online food sales sector, the IT and electronics sector has a record 4.6 billion euros, followed by clothing at 2.9, furniture at 1.4 and food at 1.1. All industries are growing at a high rate.
In the field of services, the leader of the survey is tourism and transport by 9.8 euros, which would mean an increase of about 6% for 2017 compared to the increase in sales of train and plane tickets, as well as in this number. and rest homes. In the last year, 50 million orders have been placed for these services, with an average bill of about 230 euros.
In terms of purchasing methods, Politecnico observatories show that in 2018, in Italy, 31% of e-commerce buyers go on smartphones, 7% on tablets, and the remaining 62% on desktops.

Buying and selling goods and services on the Internet can significantly reduce costs, increase the flexibility and individuality of services offered, and increase sales on the Internet.
In Romania in the same year 2019, there was a 27% increase in people who shopped online. People have made online purchases of products or services at least once a month compared to 2017, according to a study of the e-commerce market by iSense Solutions. The study is significant for the urban environment where the volume of transactions is higher. , the number of online purchases increases, compared to 2018 where the increase was 10%.

A survey for the profiles of online shoppers looks like this:
About 20% of Romania prefer to buy from online stores.

Where to buy online?
A top 10 online stores: eMAG (8 out of 10 Romanians buy from eMAG), OLX (36%), Altex (33%), Okazii (26%), Elefant (25%), H&M (20%), Carrefour. ro (19%), (17%), Fashion Days (17%) and (17%).

What do you buy online?
The star categories are: clothing, footwear, computers, accessories, software, electronics & appliances, stays, travel services, hotel services, furniture and decorations, transport tickets (plane, car, train) but also FMCG products.

Why buy online frequently?
The first reason would be the criterion of “best price” followed by the key phrase “fast delivery” then “friends’ recommendations” and “known store” but also not to forget about “store advertising”.
The expectations of the buyers from the online stores are to be created the possibility to offer a review (feedback). They would like contests, raffles, interactive relations with the online stores. It would be an interesting aspect to watch but it is quite rare.

Payment by card
Another research tells us about the methods of payment. It’s about paying by card, the number of people who pay online by card in 2019 has increased by 11%. Their favorite categories were: clothing, entertainment, service bills, etc.


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