Even the smallest business needs CRM Software

Small companies believe that a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can only be for large enterprises, but this is a very important tool for implementation in such a kind of company.

What is a CRM?
It is a storage that collects information about customers and this offers companies the opportunity to build good relationships with them, facilitates to your pursuit and your activities. A large part of small businesses after a period of the first 12 months of activity, meet with failures.

How do we know if we need CRM?
Usually, the necessity for a CRM arises after negative results. Imagine if an employee with high sales skills is fired, and all the information about customers has been stored with him and leaves you without their details. one of your potential customers tells you that he has decided to do business with someone else – and you find out that this potential dates back before you look for someone to buy from.

What benefits can you get if you use a CRM?
• All customer interactions and information can be stored in a location accessible to all;
• Tracking potential customers in the sales pipeline;
• Monitoring the marketing campaign as well as following the activities of the sales team;
• Generating accurate information about forecasts in express time;
• Just with the click of a button, view all results and activities;
• Accessing all the information in the organization, in locations outside the office, about the clients;
• Accurate identification of sales process losses;
• Offer statistics.

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  • Get rid of team monitoring, free up time and include it in other tasks
  • Concentration of developers in remote offices
  • Reduced bureaucracy
  • Minimum fees
  • Great prices for time / material
  • Offshore outsourcing
  • We maintain customer confidentiality
  • Live management support delegated to our customers!

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