Things you should know about software development outsourcing.

Software outsourcing is a popular way to optimize costs and get more development rate.

Software outsourcing is a popular way to optimize costs and get more development rate.

When the world started becoming more and more connected, the term outsourcing appeared (derived from “outside resourcing”), and it became a popular strategy. Software development has been a prime option for outsourcing. In the beginning, not many companies have the development capabilities and even fewer can afford an internal team. Secondly, the work can be sent from afar without much trouble, and the most important, some of it was done on the internet, which means fully remotely.

There are three main types of outsourcing.


This means contracting a local company (or at least one in the same country) for your work.

The cost savings are less of a factor here. The difference in service prices largely comes from different costs of living, so outsourcing within the same country doesn’t benefit from it.


In this case, the work is outsourced to a company in the neighboring state. The cost difference may or may not play a part. However, the specializations already will.


This is the most typical format for contracting software development services. It refers to working with a company that doesn’t border the host country. One of the most important reason to go for it is availability.

Outsourcing models aren’t “good” or “bad”. Depending on the company, its goals, and its culture, you might choose one or the other. Some prefer the cost-effective foreign vendors, while others go for cultural proximity of a nearshore team. You have to try and figure out the best option for yourself.

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