WordPress vs Laravel, e-commerce solution

With the help of these systems, launching an online store becomes a pleasant experience for everyone, so that the execution process is no longer long and difficult.

Purchase of one of the most popular plugins – Woocommerce – by WordPress, becoming an integral part of this system. This module has simplified the launch of an online store for just a few minutes, with support for products, reports, themes, offers and much more. .You have everything you need to sell online without any special sophisticated technology. If for some reason you are disappointed in Woocommerce, you can easily replace it, with other free plugins available.

There are certainly more examples of building a more complex online store with Laravel. But complexity is just one feature of this system, it can certainly offer you many customization opportunities, which with WordPress you will not have. Aimeos is the package open source for Laravel 5+, allowing developers to set up a fully functional e-commerce store that accepts over 100,000 products and can respond in 20ms. This makes Aimeos the fastest Laravel e-commerce solution available with this feature set. Whether you have a large or small store, all the features you need to launch and manage the store can be added. In case of an increase, Laravel facilitates the addition of new functions as the business expands.

But if you want to build a very large store, where thousands of products will be placed, we recommend that you consider a more personalized project made with Laravel. It is a better choice and handles fast loading and ensures a better user experience.

Laravel vs WordPress, solutions for news site or blog.
Most blogs have a WordPress behind them. If the previous choice turned out to be a bit more complicated, here the choice is much simpler. WordPress was built for content sharing, it is very easy to create, tag, classify and upload with media. It is not necessary to be a technician to set up the blog, it only takes a few minutes. In addition, there are many plugins that facilitate even more convenient content sharing processes: exporters from Google Docs, SEO, commenting systems, etc. Another benefit of WordPress blogs, are their designs. They can be customized to the colors you want, as well as adding other resources for a more attractive visual view.
There is also the possibility to create all the necessary features with Laravel, but does it make sense, if you can have everything at a much lower and faster cost with WordPress? There may be use cases for Laravel, but this will happen with a more complex development.

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