Dividing the problem into small subtasks, planning them in the short term period, avoiding frequent delays due to changes, and detailing customer requirements. The result of these micro-processes contributes to the implementation of development cycles with some functional versions, even if they are incomplete, for the software we develop.

Agile is a new approach to management that has revolutionized the software industry. We promote adaptive planning, continuous improvement, scalable development, fast delivery, and encourage quick and flexible response to change.

This type of management can be defined and distinguished as follows:

Change is always expected
Based on the way of thinking, in which everyone expects change. To be realistics, we can guarantee to achieve the goals that customers can use.

Progressive development
Development cycles based on previous work and are focused on improving the final product. Since the assembly of the final product is not expected before launch, we execute it in short terms with development cycles close to the end

Deliverable, frequent and fast
We offer our customers significantly in the shortest possible time. . Therefore, we can study and change their needs and requirements before risking the project. Market needs are frequent, we can improve the product by receiving quick feedback. The product is delivered frequently – weekly.

One thing that sets Agile apart from other approaches to software development is the focus on the people who work and the way how they work together. The solutions evolve through collaboration between self-assembled multi-functional teams, using practices that are appropriate to their context.

Why Agile?
• Close cooperation every day
• Emphasis on the requirements for change
• Software Delivered Frequently
• The project created by motivated people
• Self-organized teams
• Maximizing the workload



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Anatoly B.

I’ve experienced developer with skills of develop web-projects of varying complexity (from the time of design to promotion to production).

WebSocket CMS SVN Mongo PostgreSQL С++ Nginx S3 Nodejs JS Python AJAX JQuery Angular PHP
Robert F.

DevOps Engineer with experience over 10 years of understanding of high availability concepts in IT industry as AWS/DevOps Engineer in software configuration practices, Build Release Management and tools.

Terraform helm Terragrunt Bash Kubernetes Ansible Docker AWS Linux Jenkins
Evgeny S.

I am 27 years old DevOps Engineer with solid 3 years background. Enjoy a challenge and achieving personal goals.

Gitlab CI EFK VMware Bash Kubernetes Ansible Zabbix Docker RabbitMQ Redis Nginx Python OOP
Stefan L.

DevOps with full variety of experiences, focused on Linux environments.

KVM Prometheus Elasticsearch EFK Docker RabbitMQ Redis PostgreSQL .NET Jenkins MongoDB MySQL PHP JAVASCRIPT
Andrei T.

I have been developing for more than 7 years, I had experience working with high-load projects.

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