Purchase of one of the most popular plugins – Woocommerce – by WordPress, becoming an integral part of this system. This module has simplified the launch of an online store for just a few minutes, with support for products, reports, themes, offers and much more. .You have everything you need to sell online without any special sophisticated technology. If for some reason you are disappointed in Woocommerce, you can easily replace it, with other free plugins available.

There are certainly more examples of building a more complex online store with Laravel. But complexity is just one feature of this system, it can certainly offer you many customization opportunities, which with WordPress you will not have. Aimeos is the package open source for Laravel 5+, allowing developers to set up a fully functional e-commerce store that accepts over 100,000 products and can respond in 20ms. This makes Aimeos the fastest Laravel e-commerce solution available with this feature set. Whether you have a large or small store, all the features you need to launch and manage the store can be added. In case of an increase, Laravel facilitates the addition of new functions as the business expands.

But if you want to build a very large store, where thousands of products will be placed, we recommend that you consider a more personalized project made with Laravel. It is a better choice and handles fast loading and ensures a better user experience.

Laravel vs WordPress, solutions for news site or blog.
Most blogs have a WordPress behind them. If the previous choice turned out to be a bit more complicated, here the choice is much simpler. WordPress was built for content sharing, it is very easy to create, tag, classify and upload with media. It is not necessary to be a technician to set up the blog, it only takes a few minutes. In addition, there are many plugins that facilitate even more convenient content sharing processes: exporters from Google Docs, SEO, commenting systems, etc. Another benefit of WordPress blogs, are their designs. They can be customized to the colors you want, as well as adding other resources for a more attractive visual view.
There is also the possibility to create all the necessary features with Laravel, but does it make sense, if you can have everything at a much lower and faster cost with WordPress? There may be use cases for Laravel, but this will happen with a more complex development.

In any production there is a main production and additional production . The rate of release of final products is set by the main production, while additional production cannot accelerate the rate of release of the product, but can slow it down if the required parts are not released on time.
Additionally, there may be a shift in priorities during production.

The purpose of Kanban is only to receive a finished high-quality product on time.

Kanban starts with visualization so that the processes are visible to the team. To do this, use a special board and a set of cards or stickers. A whiteboard is a must-have for Agile. It’s in Scrum, and it’s also in Kanban. Each team member gets access to it at any time and sees where the task is. The board is suitable for both real and virtual. A kanban board adapts to any process and applies to any field. For example, to make a to-do list.

Each project has a workflow plan.
• First, we analyze it and divide the board into columns that represent the stages.
Column names vary from project to project, but it is important to maintain consistency – this is the core value of Kanban, which is called flow.
• Kanban cards are tasks that move downstream and flow into other columns depending on their state.
• The name of the task is written on a card or sticker and attached to the beginning of the board.
• With the help of a kanban board, it is easy to manage several projects at the same time using cards of different colors: one color – one project.All processes are reflected on the board. The team analyzes them and eliminates weak points. In Kanban, this is called flow control.

To use Kanban, one board is not enough. The team must know the principles by which they work.

The team in Kanban is a single mechanism. If someone fails, then the common cause suffers. The work is planned on the board, so everyone can see their contribution and value to the project.

It is important to find a balance: choose the pace of work that is convenient for the team and does not harm the project timeline. To do this, Kanban takes into account the execution time of each task. So the team understands what takes more time and what – less, and can organize the work correctly.


Basic principles of Kanban
• Respect and use what is now: existing roles, responsibilities and proper instructions
• Constantly optimize and improve the development process but not allow too drastic changes
• Encourage team members to strive for leadership

Kanban includes two simple rules:

• The production station has a part production plan (“backlog”). The plan is sorted by priority, and can change at any time;
• The number of tasks performed on the station at the same time is limited . This limitation is necessary to control the rate of production at the station, as well as the speed of response to plan changes.

Kanban works great with support teams like:

• software support groups, where the “plan” is not important, but the speed of response to changes is important;
• test teams working separately from development teams;
• support services;
• other examples of “non-core industries”.

Separately, it should be noted that Kanban works well in startups that do not have a clear plan, but are actively working on development.

The limitations of Kanban when used in product teams include:

1) This methodology does not work well with large teams (more than 5 people);
2) In its purest form, Kanban does not work well with cross-functional teams. Those. Unlike Scrum, it is difficult to combine testing and development in one team. A better idea is to split the process into a development “station” and a test “station” with separate leaders and backlogs;
3) Due to its history and specificity, Kanban is not intended for long-term planning.

The world is confined because of the Covid-19, many companies have to temporarily cease their activity, or are still forced to continue their movement due to a lack of digitalization.In such a difficult period, we must be strong and rethink our way of working. Currently the epicenter of the discussions are: promoting teleworking actions, digitizing the company’s internal tools and processes. Digital transformation has never been as much a priority for companies, it has become a matter of survival.
We want to explain the challenges and benefits of digitizing your business today.

We can distinguish 3 approaches to digital transformation:

• The business approach – transforming the tools necessary to carry out the tasks of your employees.
• The organizational approach – transforming your organizational processes with new technologies.
• The customer approach – offering a digital customer experience in order to support your customers online and acquire new customers.

Adapting your business model and improve the performance of your employees

Today this challenge is an economic need to allow companies to survive complex economic conditions and no longer a cultural need.
In addition, the digital transformation of your company also allows you to improve the performance of your employees. Digitalization involves, among other things, the dematerialization of internal procedures, which allows your employees to work more efficiently.
For example, the administrative departments of SMEs often use a lot of software to carry out their work in accounting ,management control, human resources management, etc. Using a single platform for all its services often saves time and improves performance. Indeed, you will find all the necessary data and work on the same platform.

Remaining competitive even in a complex economic environment

New technologies will affect the market and competition.Digital transformation opens the doors to new sources of value. It’s up to you to see how you want to use them depending on your domain and your customers. Indeed, digitalization allows you to differentiate your product from your competitors. Instead of suffering a decrease in competitiveness due to the digitalization of your competitors, take the lead and offer an innovative product to your customers.
As an example we can take the stores , small stores can digitize their business to create a better experience for customers. The first step can be creating a website with a newsletter. This experience allows you to get closer to your customers and better support them in their buying process.Your store and your website then become complementary for the survival of your business.

New market share and retaining customers

Creating new levers is an essential process for survival in a complex economic environment. The target from digitization will be less affected compared to stopping physical activities. Increasing competitiveness through digital transformation will be due to accessing new market shares and creating new customer acquisition channels. As a result, your digital product will provide access to a new goal to be in line with the needs of your users. also an opportunity to reflect on the value proposition you want to offer your customers.
One of the most affected business areas is real estate, for the current situation. It would be a possibility to capitalize on apartments and houses in a virtual form, in which agencies could prepare contracts and inventory in advance, after a certain schedule as a result of taking over the physical activities.


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