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Outsourcing Factory 4 supports companies to help them reveal new business opportunities, providing digital solutions and creating a unique digital experience, using: outsourcing, hiring and freelancing.


About Us

Outsourcing Factory 4 supports companies to help them reveal new business opportunities through digital tools. Moreover, we provide end-to-end IT solutions, services & consultancy by collaborating with other IT companies, in order to build high quality teams and develop innovative projects with profitable financial solutions and short delivery times.

The key is working with our employees and customers in a partnership model based on mutual respect.

How? We use 3 types of flexible interaction models to support all of your short and long term goals: outsourcing, hiring and freelancing. We help you develop sustainable strategies that accelerate growth and increase productivity.

Who? We are experienced in hiring and maintaining contact with candidates for long periods of time. It means that we are ready to kick-start your project in 3 weeks after first request.

We are able to lead projects regardless of location.

Outsourcing is part of your business strategy, regardless of location
Outsourcing Factory 4 is an exclusive network of the top software developers

OF4 is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers.

Highly qualified specialists

Offering our highly qualified specialists regardless of location, without affecting the production process. If you are open to remote collaboration, we are here to help.

Tech lead in your city

Great team with a tech lead in a location in your city. You can leave it to us to monitor the processes and coordinate the team.

Development without any risk

We are able to concentrate the quality workforce, entire teams with qualified specialists who will develop your projects without any risk.

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