Team Extension

Team extension

IT consultants are added to the customer’s existing teams

Dedicated project team

A project team is ramped-up specifically for a short to mid term project

Delivery center

TechTalent supports the set-up of new delivery centers in any city from Romania or Moldova

One or more people are added to one of the existing teams. They are recruited accurately based on customer requirements (JD).
We devote our attention to both: the dev’s experience and the technologies he/she has worked with, as well as at their soft skills.

For us, it is very important to know that people which are integrated in the team fit easily into it and can work efficiently on their projects.
We also pay special attention to the conversational language.
The most common language that is practiced by OF4 team is English, that’s why all our candidates are tested to establish or confirm their level of speaking/writing/understanding English.

We are consulting our clients and discussing on various issues while offering advice of an ideal solution for their project. We are flexible in our collaboration so we always find the plan that matches expectations of everyone.
People who are integrated in our team will work transparently and will participate in all activities that are already practiced by the team members: daily meetings, sprint demo, planning, etc.

The client has all the rights over the specialist in its management. Moreover, the client can choose another project for the candidate, set the work schedule, the hours for calls and the tasks that need to be done.

Contract period is set up at the start point of the project and will not be changed (only the client or the developer can withdraw from the contract).
OF4 offers security and stability, so in case the developer gives up the contract, we guarantee to provide another analogous specialist in a very short period of time.


Exclusive clients

Our clients chose to stay with us for long term


New developer/client

We tend to grow our clients team with at least 1 developer/month



At least 6940 hours delivered/month



At least 17.200 developers with reputation ready to join your team

Custom software development

Outsourcing Factory 4 provides a full cycle of software development services for B2B and B2C clients around the world. We have implemented a large number of projects for clients in the US, Romania, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Ukraine and many other countries from Europe and Asia.

Outsourcing Factory 4 maintains long-term relationships with their customers, providing the highest quality of its services for many years. That’s why the market leaders in their segment entrust us with the development.

With the right set of tools and technologies, we create reliable software solutions for our customers that give them competitive advantages, increasing business revenue and saving development time.

We help our clients choose the right technologies for the project, in order to offer the most efficient solution in terms of cost, productivity and business efficiency.

Our services

  • Software development
  • Outsourcing
  • QA and testing
  • IT consulting
  • Offshore software development
  • Business process automation
  • Dedicated software development centers


Why outsourcing at OF4?

  • Set yourself free from constant team monitoring, invest your time in scaling your business
  • 12 development teams working on projects remotely
  • Reduced bureaucracy
  • Minimum fees
  • Valuable work with reduced costs
  • Offshore outsourcing
  • Data protection and confidentiality
  • Real-time support for our clients

We work on the basis of outsourcing, consulting, outstaffing, freelancing. With a number of 13 internal employees for the development of internal projects, 85 remote employees for international clients, members of 12 teams of highly-qualified developers working from different Romanian locations. We have complete control over the entire work process, and maintain customer data confidentiality.

White Label

1. We are a company that is able to execute high caliber, white label projects, regardless of location.
2. Remote working solution can serve you a competitive advantage, as you have to pay less taxes and payments for the employees’ contribution.
3. Behind us is a large team ready to give you the material you need and even focus an entire remote team for the development of your projects and exponentially growing business.


Human Resources Management

Outsourcing Factory 4 from the perspective of human resources management, does not aim to engage in organizations with the sole purpose of filling vacancies, but focusing on the role that everyone can play within the organization. This is all the more obvious and important as in today’s social-economic environment, which is characterized by competition, dynamism and interdependence, many of the difficulties or successes of organizations are based on human resources and, implicitly, their management.

Our goal is to ensure that performance is in line with the company’s objectives, it is achieved through participatory management, specifying how an objective can be achieved;

Human resources management is a set of activities, performed at the organizational level, and which allows the most efficient use of people, employees of that authority, to achieve both general organizational and individual goals. In specific terms, human resource management consists of numerous activities, which include, the following basic directions:

  • Expert recruitment
  • Team monitoring, motivation and evaluation
  • Team extension planning
  • Evaluation of individual and collective performance
  • Numerous and highly qualified teams
  • Human resources for your project in record time


Our Services team

Alexei V.

PHP Developer
  • Experience 10+ years
  • Seniority level Advanced
  • Availability Full Time
Download CV

Eduard I.

Front-End Developer
  • EXPERIENCE 6 years
  • AVAILABILITY Full Time amchart D3 Karma Nodejs Jenkins Redux RxJs ngXs Angular TYPESCRIPT JAVASCRIPT
Download CV

Vladimir Z.

Angular Developer
  • Experience 4 years
  • Seniority level Middle
  • Availability Full Time
Grunt AngularJS Webpack Scrum ReactJS Git ngRx Bootstrap JIRA JQuery JAVASCRIPT
Download CV

Anton C.

PHP Developer
  • Experience 10+ years
  • Seniority level Senior
  • Availability Full Time
Download CV

Maksym N.

DevOps Engineer
  • Experience 5 years
  • Seniority level Senior
  • Availability Full Time
Server administration Linux Debian Ubuntu Server Prometheus Docker Google Cloud Azure CentOS Ruby AWS MongoDB
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