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We aim to offer IT companies the opportunity to build high quality teams, to develop large caliber projects.We use 3 types of flexible interaction models to support all of your short and long term goals: outsourcing, hiring and freelancing.


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Azamat T.

Skilled Java developer capable of designing and supporting reliable and efficient web applications based on user requirements; self-motivated life-long learner

HTML/CSS EJB Tomcat Maven Oracle JSF PostgreSQL Git JIRA JQuery Spring Boot SQL JAVA JAVASCRIPT
Robert F.

DevOps Engineer with experience over 10 years of understanding of high availability concepts in IT industry as AWS/DevOps Engineer in software configuration practices, Build Release Management and tools.

Terraform helm Terragrunt Bash Kubernetes Ansible Docker AWS Linux Jenkins
Rafael B.

Energetic and curiosity-driven Android developer with 5+ years of experience writing top-quality clean code for high-paced businesses

Sergey H.

I am calm, adequate and kind person, have a very high ability to conflict prevention and solving if happens, flexible priorities switching and in general I am humanitarian with rich technical experience.

Networking CCN Ahapi BigchainDB Blockchain Three.js IPFS pBFT EOS Rust SIDH Linux Webpack MongoDB SQL REACT NODE js JAVASCRIPT
Sergey D.

5+ years in frontend development and 4+ on React projects. Experience in working with multicultural team

React/Redux D3 Webpack ReactJS Material UI AJAX Jenkins RESTful API JSON WORDPRESS JAVASCRIPT
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