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Node or Node.js is a software platform based on the V8 engine (which translates JavaScript into machine code) that transforms JavaScript from a highly specialized language into a general-purpose language
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Node JS

Node.js is similar in design to, and influenced by, systems like Ruby’s Event Machine and Python’s Twisted. Node.js takes the event model a bit further. It presents an event loop as a runtime construct instead of as a library. In other systems, there is always a blocking call to start the event-loop. Typically, behavior is defined through callbacks at the beginning of a script, and at the end a server is started through a blocking call like EventMachine::run(). In Node.js, there is no such start-the-event-loop call. Node.js simply enters the event loop after executing the input script. Node.js exits the event loop when there are no more callbacks to perform. This behavior is like browser JavaScript — the event loop is hidden from the user.

HTTP is a first-class citizen in Node.js, designed with streaming and low latency in mind. This makes Node.js well suited for the foundation of a web library or framework.

Node.js being designed without threads doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of multiple cores in your environment. Child processes can be spawned by using our child_process.fork() API, and are designed to be easy to communicate with. Built upon that same interface is the cluster module, which allows you to share sockets between processes to enable load balancing over your cores.

Node JS development team
Nick Y.

A developer with a true passion to solve tricky and complex problems and working on different projects.

Artem I.

Energetic, but laid-back. Personable and relatable. A mesh of technical nous, and real-world understanding; filling that void between developer and project owner.

RabbitMQ OS PSR+OOP Kanban Scrum JIRA MongoDB React Native SEO API
Ruslan P.

Posses more than 16 years of professional experience as web developer. Experienced in frontend programming, Fullstack JS and PHP programming, databases, web-development, markup.

Meteor Ruby GraphQL Nodejs Delphi Redux C# MongoDB 1C REACT LARAVEL JAVASCRIPT
Sergey H.

I am calm, adequate and kind person, have a very high ability to conflict prevention and solving if happens, flexible priorities switching and in general I am humanitarian with rich technical experience.

Networking CCN Ahapi BigchainDB Blockchain Three.js IPFS pBFT EOS Rust SIDH Linux Webpack MongoDB SQL REACT NODE js JAVASCRIPT
Anatoly U.

Fullstack software engineer with 9+ years’ experience developing robust and tested code for high-load portals/spa, using React, Angular 2+, Vue.js, Node.js Work permits: Finland, Russia

Ruby on Rails Express GraphQL .NET Python Vue JS C# React Native React JS Angular TYPESCRIPT NODE js JAVASCRIPT
David I.

Seeking for position as a JavaScript, Angular, Vue or Full Stack developer that will allows me to extend my existing skills and work on interesting tasks.

Fastify Typeorm Express PostgreSQL Vue JS Express.js MongoDB MySQL Angular NODE js
Eduard S.

In a nutshell about me: a versatile and open person with interests in different spheres.

PostgreSQL Nginx Jenkins CSS3 Vue JS Redux HTML5 Express.js MongoDB Angular REACT NODE js
Arthur F.

Experienced software engineer(Full Stack Developer).Passionate about design, building and testing software development projects/products that provide measurable value to people.Experience engaging with customers globally.Strong ability and background to work amongst ambiguities.Enjoys working in teams – small or big!

Babel Sentry React-Router EJS Nginx Material UI Javascript ES5 / ES6+ CSS3 Redux HTML5 Bootstrap Express.js REACT NODE js
Cristian R.

I build and implement functional programs. I work with other Developers and Product Managers throughout various software development life cycles. I am a team player with a keen eye for detail and problem-solving skills

Flask Bootstrap 4 Express PostgreSQL Material UI HTML Django CSS3 Redux Bootstrap Express.js REACT NODE js
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